Health Care Reform

Healthcare Reform, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordability Act was signed on March 23, 2010. This legislation made changes to the U.S. Healthcare system. Contact Baystate Benefit Services to assist you with information regarding Health Care Reform.

Security Updates

security Updates To learn more about recent security updates such as HiTech and CMR 17 MA, Please visit our regulatory updates section.

Lighthouse1 at Baystate Benefit Services

Lighthouse1 delivers innovative Healthcare and Financial Technology solutions and services to Baystate Benefit Services Employers and Consumers, resulting in a simplified Healthcare experience.

Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment provides a virtually paperless system that simplifies enrollment and benefits management while saving time and money.

Whether you have 10 employees or over 500, Baystate Benefit Services can help you implement web-based benefits enrollment. Deliver all the HR and benefits resources employees need in one easily accessible, constantly up-to-date place. Employers can support employee self-service to ease the workload of HR staff and enhance efficiency, accuracy, and employee relations.

Group Benefits at Baystate Benefit Services

Baystate Benefit Services has become one of New England's largest employee benefit firms with over $50 million in premium flow. This clout, coupled with our high-level relationships with benefit providers, uniquely enables us to positively impact our clients' bottom line.

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